ISSN: 1430-189X (print), 2567-3785 (online)

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Volume 23 (2018) Numbers 1–3: Special Issues Dedicated to Helmut Jürgensen on the Occasion of His 75th Birthday

Past Issues

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22 (2017)
Number 4
Numbers 1–3: Special Issues with Selected and Extended Papers of the Conference DCFS 2016
21 (2016)
Number 4
Number 3
Numbers 1–2: Special Issues Dedicated to Rudolf Freund on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday


The volumes 1 (1996) to 20 (2015) have been published at Fakultät für Informatik, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg edited by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Dassow. We plan to provide electronic versions also of all these volumes. For now, the volumes below are available. Further information about the volumes 1 to 20 can be found following this link.

20 (2015)
19 (2014)
Numbers 1–4: Special Issues Dedicated to Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú on the Occasion of Her Birthday
18 (2013)
17 (2012)
Numbers 2–4: Selected Papers of the 14th Workshop on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS 2012)
Number 1
16 (2011)
Numbers 2–4: Selected Papers Dedicated to Friedrich Otto on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday
Number 1
15 (2010)
Numbers 3–4
Numbers 1–2: Selected Papers of the 11th Workshop on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS 2009)
14 (2009)
Numbers 3–4
Number 2
Number 1: Special Issues Dedicated to Detlef Wotschke on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday